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Help - Erasing Data


Erasing data

Erasing data is used if you wish to remove data from the vault. You may want to do this if you move data to different locations on your machine as the files will show up in both locations in the Restore screen and this may be confusing.

Click the Restore button to bring up the Restore screen as this is used to select files to erase as well as restore:


This shows you the folders that currently are stored on your Provider's Vault

The Restore Screen presents files in the familiar Windows Explorer view. Expand the folder structure that contains the files or folders you want to restore, select them in the right-hand pane by clicking on them. You can select multiple files and folders by using the Shift and Ctrl keys. Once you've selected the data you want to erase, click the Vault Erase button.

A confirmation screen will be presented and once you confirm that you are sure you want to proceed, the files will be erased from the vault. It is important to realize that these files will not be deleted from your location machine and that if they are still selected for protection then they will be backed up again next time. If you are erasing the files because you found you were protecting files unnecessarily, then you should be sure to change your protection settings as well to ensure they are not still selected. See Protecting data for more information on selecting files for protection.