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Help - Troubleshooting




I've installed and activated the Data Protection Application but nothing is being backed up.



The types of files I want to protect aren't covered in the list of types.



My .pst file (or other type of file) is bigger than 2gigabytes(gb) and it tells me that the file size limit is 2gb, how do I back it up?


You need to contact your system administrator and request to increase the maximum file size that you can back up. This is set in the policy on the server and by default is set to 2 gb, to ensure that people don’t use up the vault space by backing up huge video files or other large files like ISO’s. It is up to your system administrator to determine the largest files that can be protected. Realize that very large files can take quite a while to process.


I accidentally deleted a file, how do I restore it?


Aren’t you glad that you’re using a data protection product? To restore a file that was accidentally deleted, simple start the data protection client, click the Restore button, and you will get a list of all the folders and files that you have protected, that looks very similar to the way you pick files in other Windows products. Just find the file that you deleted in this list, check the box to the left of it and click the Next button at the bottom of the screen. Next you’ll be asked if you want to restore the most recent version of the file, or a version from a specific time, your choice and specify if you want the file restored to its original location or an alternate location, again your choice. Then just click Finish. In a little while your deleted file will be safely back on your system. Congratulations.


One of my files got corrupted, how do I go back to a previous version?


See the above answer for a deleted file, but when you get to the screen asking you for which version of the file; don’t use the Most recent version option. Pick a specific time before you believe the file was corrupted. If you need to you can go back a version at a time until you get to an uncorrupted state. This is also very helpful in the situation where you’ve made large changes to a file and now want to go back to a previous version.


When I'm running the data protection client, I notice that it sometimes says "Not Responding" in the title bar. This can sometimes last for several minutes. What should I do?


The most likely cause of this is another type of protection software you have running on your machine. For example an anti-virus (AV) application or a software firewall. It is great that you have these installed and running on your machine and they're just doing their job of checking/scanning everything that is going to and fro between your machine and the internet. The data protection application clearly transfers a significant amount of data over the internet and it can get slowed down by these type of applications, sometimes to the point that it notifies you that it is not getting a response from the vault. This is not harmful, and you don't really need to do anything, it will just cause the data protection application to run a bit slower.

However if you do want to correct this, the fix will depend on which AV or firewall software you have installed. In most cases there will be a way for you to "allow" specific applications to communicate freely over the internet without scanning everything they transmit. The steps to take will be specific to the application you have installed, but you should be able to learn how by reading the documentation for the application, or by contacting product support for that application.

Provided as an example, here are the steps for the Norton Internet Security (version product from Symantec, which is commonly installed on new computers.

1. In the Windows task bar double-click on the Norton Internet Security icon (or start it from the All Programs menu).

2. Click on the Settings link in the Network section.

3. In the Smart Firewall section click on the Configure [+] link next to Program Control.

4. Scroll down the list of installed programs until you find Data Protection Console and Data Protection Service, in the list boxes to the right of both of these change the selection to Allow.

5. Click OK to close the Program Control dialog box.

6. Click OK to close the Settings dialog box.

7. On the main Norton Internet Security screen click the Application Ratings link on the left side of the screen.

8. Scroll down until you find dcprotect.exe and dcprotectservice.exe. If either of these does not show Good in the Trust Level column, click the name and then select Trust Now in the Details section.

9. Click Close to close the File Insight dialog box.

10. Click Close to close the Application Ratings dialog box.

11. You can now close the Norton Internet Security application.

You may still see the data protection client say "Not Responding", but it should only last a few seconds, not minutes.