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How the Data Protection Application works

The data protection application has been designed to be simple to understand and use. The biggest challenge with some backup software is that even if people have it, very few use it, or use it so infrequently that it doesn't provide adequate protection. With the data protection application, once you perform the initial configuration, you never have to do anything again unless you want to change your configuration or restore some files. Your files will be continuously protected.

The data protection application works by keeping copies of your selected files on a remote storage server known as the vault. You select the files on your computer to be protected, and you decide how often these files are checked for any changes (the default is every 15 minutes for the Enterprise edition).

Whenever your computer is on, the data protection application will update your protection at the interval you configured. This happens so efficiently you probably will not even notice it. This protection occurs even if your computer is temporarily disconnected from the network/Internet.

If you need to restore files, you select them from the Vault and then download them to their original locations or a new location. In case of a system recovery (hard disk failure or a lost or stolen computer), you contact your Provider, replace your disk/computer, reinstall the data protection application, access the Vault, and restore all your protected files.