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Q) How do I use Super Easy Backup?
A) Super Easy Backup is a very intuitive piece of software. Download, select what you want to protect, and that's it. Click this link for details.

Q) How do I know what Super Easy Backup is protecting?
A) You can click the "Restore" button at any time to view a full list of files that Super Easy Backup is saving.

Q) How do I restore lost files to my computer?
A) Click on the Restore button and navigate to the files that you have lost and click "Restore".

Q) Does Super Easy Backup automatically protect my files?
A) No. Due to the nature of data and its privacy, you must tell Super Easy Backup what to protect.

Q) Is there any limit to the amount of data I can back up?
A) No. Super Easy Backup allows you to back up unlimited amounts of data.

Q) Can I purchase additional Super Easy Backup subscriptions for other computers?
A) Yes. You must purchase a subscription for each computer that you wish to back up.

Q) How do I transfer my Super Easy Backup subscription to a new computer?
A) Simply contact Technical Support and they will facilitate the transfer.

Q) How does Super Easy Backup keep my data secure? 
A) Every bit of data backed up with Super Easy Backup is protected with 256-bit Encryption.

Q) How do I cancel my Super Easy Backup subscription?
A) Click this link for details. To cancel your subscription you must notify Super Easy Backup by emailing [email protected].

Q) How do I contact the Super Easy Backup Support Team?
A) You can reach Super Easy Backup Technical Support via email or phone 7 days a week, 364 days  year (excluding Christmas) 7:00am - 10:00pm MST.


Technical Support: [email protected]
Billing Inquiries: [email protected]
Phone: 888-965-8844